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* «Razom» means «together»

Psychological help onlinee

In recent times, our society has been going through high levels of anxiety and stress.

Together we can make a possible contribution to the state of well-being.


Project goal


  • To make high-quality psychological help more affordable for the wider Ukrainian community.
  • To increase the level of public psychological culture, to overcome the existing stereotypes applied to psychological support.
  • To improve society as a whole, to reduce the number of destructive behavior manifestations owing to the improved mental state of every client.


What we dо


  • We give a client an opportunity to be listened to and heard, providing free online counseling for adults (18+) during three 30-minute sessions.
  • We promote public awareness of the importance of mental health
  • People in need of help are suggested to get psychological support online.
  • Recommendations and effective techniques are provided to reduce the anxiety level that contributes to the recalibration of family, educational, and working environment and the entire structure of interpersonal relationships.


Effective (professional counselors)

available (in online mode)





  • Free, but it assumes the client's active position, willingness to answer the questions, analyze the situation, as well as to fulfill the recommendations, etc.
  • It is worth noting that in case the problem is deep, has been dragging on for years, associated with long-term thorough work, the client should consult a psychotherapist.
  • Psychological help online is becoming more and more recognized. It can be quite useful and, in some cases, even the only possible.

"Razom" since 2018



  • 5 years
  • 1000+ requests
  • 2800+ individual sessions
  • 350+ psychological support groups in time of war attended by 2000+ people
  • 5 partner social projects

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