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What are the situations that require visiting a psychologist?

People often think that one can only refer to a psychologist when coming to the verge. That is not quite the case.

This section includes the people's life situations in which it is recommended to see a psychologist and not wait for its worsening.

If you, your children, your relatives or close friends face something from the specified, do not delay referral to the professional. (Counseling is only provided to adults 18+)
  • Friendship
    No friends
    Troubled friendship
    Alienation from each other
    Friends' quarrelsJealousy
    Feeling excluded from friendly relations
    Finalizing troubled friendship
  • Relationships
    Start in relationship
    Undivided love
    Living without a partner
    Long distance relationship
    Sexual problems
  • School
    New school
    Conflicts with teachers
    Bad grades
    Graduation from school
    Choosing a profession
    Stress due to exams
    Conflict in the classroom
    Unwillingness to learn
  • Family
    Conflicts between siblings
    Parental separation
    Parent-offspring conflict
    One-parent or parentless cases
    Conflict with other relatives
    Alcohol addiction in the family
    Step-parents' relations
    Loss of a loved one
  • Cruelty and abuse
    Bullying and victimization
    Sexual abuse
    Sexual harassment
    Biased attitude
    Domestic abuse
  • Physical health
    Teenage growth and body change
    Termination of pregnancy
    Bad habitsIllness, disability
    Nutritional disorders
    Sleeping disorders
    Sexual dysfunction