• Oksana Zinko
    Initiator and head of the NGO
    Psychologist, Ph.D., supervisor, head of the Perspectiva training courses for psychologists, associate professor, author of training programs
  • Natalia Antonenko
    Coordinator and Deputy Head of the NGO
    Psychologist, art therapist, supervisor, support group leader
  • Selivanova Olena
    Psychologist, crisis counseling specialist, trainer and supervisor of the Problem Management + program, corporate psychologist, business psychologist, author of the Short-term Psychological Counseling course.
  • Mitchenko Kateryna
    Practicing psychologist, and supervisor in a polymodal approach. Lecturer at the University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, postgraduate student, and psychotherapist in training.
  • Tyshchenko Kateryna
    Master's degree in practical psychology, facilitator of support groups and psychological trainings, member of the NPA. Specialist in bio-suggestive therapy. Crisis counselor.
  • Yarmola Tetiana
    Family psychologist, master's degree in psychology, supervisor in a polymodal approach, ART therapist, leader of psychological groups for adults and children.
  • Anastasia Rikhliuk
    Instagram administrator
    Practical psychologist, certified counselor in Positive Psychotherapy.
  • Andriy Gorbachenko
    Website administrator
    Practicing psychotherapist in the Gestalt approach